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The GA/AL DDESS community is "a-flutter!" America's demand for "21st century schools" is causing a flurry of activity in the Schools for the Soldier's ChildAmerican_Flag_Butterfiles.jpg. Educators across two states are focused on teaching the 21st Century skillsand all are working to design teaching structures that meet the needs of 21st century learners. The change effort is great! As with all worthy challenges, educators may report feeling renewed, invigorated, engaged--but sometimes struggling to surpass the status quo. For this reason, it seems fitting that the trio of "patriotic butterflies" is chosen to represent the spectacular metamorphosis that is taking place! After all, the commitment to update teaching practice is a patriotic mission to ensure that tomorrow's citizens are well prepared to help America lead the global 21st century workforce. The three butterflies represent the GA/AL DDESS administrators, principals and teachers that are responding to the nation's effort to transform schools. The effort is reminiscent of the four stages in the lifecycle of our patriotic butterfly. Take heart in knowing that "the struggle" is essential to metamorphasis--but the struggle leads to maturation, or the "imago" stage. Imago is our goal. Let your mind's eye "IMAGO" our schools blanketed in red, white and blue butterflies! Allow this vision to encourage you throughout our metamorphasis. And, if you should waver, take heart in the important lessons learned from the patriotic butterflies!

Lessons Learned from Patriotic Butterflies:

  • There are predictable stages associated with a butterfly's transformation.
  • The Egg Stage is a protective phase during which the caterpillar fully develops.
  • The Caterpillar Stage is dedicated to consuming, growing, and shedding outgrown layers. On close inspection, tiny butterfly "wings" begin to appear.
  • In the Chrysalis Stage, the caterpillar stops feeding and searches for a protected site to transform.
  • As the Adult, or Imago Stage, begins the emerging butterfly must be protected as its wings stretch,spread and unfold.
  • In the Imago Stage, the transformation is complete and the butterfly is equipped for purposeful, graceful flight.

Where are you in the stages of transformation? Wherever you find yourself, you'll have company! Whether you are developing, thriving, transforming or gliding into the 21st Century, the trio of supportive patriotic butterflies is nearby. If you listen carefully, you can hear their fluttering. It sounds a bit like a whispered, "Hooah!"

Looking for a 21st Century BUTTERFLY PROJECT? Don't miss Annenburg Media's Journey North, a Global Study of Wildlife Migration and Seasonal Change.


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The TEACHERPRENEUERSAnimatedSuper-Teacher.gif

Victoria Davis, co-developer of the Flat Classroom Project and Horizon Project, coined the term "teacherpreneur." It is an ideal descriptor for GA/AL DDESS educators who are striving and collaborating to make a difference as teaching innovators and global collaborators! Each of the GA/AL DDESS schools are eager to showcase our amazing teacherpreneurs as they share their global projects with you. To meet the teacherpreneurs and their amazing students, use the Navigation Bar on the left to link to the school of your choice! Thank you for joining our journey!

Looking for Other Teacherpreneurs?** Begin your search for global partners at ePals, Where Learners Connect.

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